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MSN Messenger Force 1.0

Instant messenger for Palm PDAs

Microsoft(R) released an Instant Messaging product in July 1999 called MSN Messenger Service. This product uses MSN Messenger Protocol for core Instant Messaging and Presence functionality. The MSN Messenger Service tells you when your family and friends are online so that you can send instant messages to them in real time.

Messenger Force for the Palm OS has been developed using the same MSN Messenger Protocol and allows users with Palm devices to be notified when people from their contact list are online so that they can communicate with them via Instant Messages.

Features of MSN Force include:

  • Authenticated User Logon - Users log in using their unique Hotmail ID and password.
  • Auto notification - As soon as users log in they are notified of other users presence on the Internet.
  • Contact list management - Users can add to or delete from their contact list using their Hotmail ID.
  • Delivery of lightweight, real-time messages to other users - Users can invite other users in their contact list to engage in a session, where they can send instant messages to each other.
  • Online status - Users can change their online status to Busy, Away From Computer, Out To Lunch, On The Phone, Be Right Back and Invisible modes.
  • Asynchronous and real-time messages and notifications - If members of the users contact list sends a message to the user or change their online status, the user receives asynchronous and real-time notifications.
  • Access permissions - Users can configure their access permissions, to restrict the ability of other users to view their online status and send instant messages to the user.

Connect with your MSN contacts.

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MSN Messenger Force


MSN Messenger Force 1.0

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